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    5 High Demand Australiana Designer Fabrics by Annette Winter


    This range is no ordinary Australiana fabric collection. Illustrated by our Australian designer   Annette Winter , these designs are inspired by the Australian fauna and flora and our fantastic cultural heritage. Australiana imagery is becoming more ...

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    Over 20 New Australiana Collections You Need To See


    This range is no ordinary Australiana fabric collection. Illustrated by our Australian designers including Amanda Joy and Annette Winter, these designs are inspired by the Australian bush and our fantastic cultural heritage. Australiana imagery is ...

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    Australiana Fabrics We Know You Will Fall In Love With


    Welcome to our unique Australiana Fabric Collection!

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    Watch This Space: Monotremes & Marsupials Blog Tour is about to begin!


    When Aussies want Aussie Fabrics, who would have thought that our Echidna, Wombat and Platypus are possibly some of our cutest creatures? And for those who are yet to learn about the name of this range... Monotremes are the only egg laying mammals ...

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    Take a wild walk with Australiana designs by Amanda Brandl


    Take a wild walk into tropical Queensland and meet some of Australia’s most beautiful and unique feathered friends, as well as some native tropical frogs, butterflies and foliage. This Wild Australia collection features gorgeous galahs, cheeky ...

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    Choosing the right fabrics for your Handmade Business


    Whether you are a seasoned handmade professional already selling on Etsy and in stores, or just starting out with your handmade sewing products, there are two crucial keys to setting your business on the road to success. Fabric design, and fabric ...

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    10 Australian Amanda Brandl Designer Fabrics All Sewists Need


    Welcome to our latest collection of Australiana Gum Leaf & Blossom fabrics! This no ordinary Australian fabric collection is inspired by the beautiful iconic Australian Gum Trees. We know you will enjoy sewing and selling this unique new range!

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