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    How to Attract Customers to my Brick and Mortar Store?

    By Ruby Ferguson | Posted: 13/03/2023

    Do you have a Brick and Mortar Store struggling to attract customers?

    KK Fabrics have noticed a rise in the number of customers saying 'our shop is too quiet' or 'we aren't generating enough sales'. We feel for you and you're not alone in this.

    So here goes, here are the top 6 ways of attracting customers to your brick n mortar store:

    1. Use Eye Grabbing Signage

    If you're located in a busy street filled with people that aren't stopping to look at your window, try adding additional elements to grab their attention. Our suggestion is 'signage'. It's simple, affordable and effective. You could set up a sign close to your door and perpendicular to your window advertising your latest products or spotlighting any promotions, offers or events that you're running.

    2. Have Sewing Classes

    Offer incentives that you can't get when you do online shopping. By having sewing classes you're creating a sense of community that fosters a positive environment, where customers learn, share ideas, and connect with others who share their passion for sewing. Having sewing classes is a good way to showcase your fabrics and products, and offer recommendations on which works best for specific projects.

    3. Advertise on Social Media

    By promoting your business, products or services on social media, you are increasing brand awareness. Appearing in your potential customers social media feeds with a sponsored label or showing up in front of a YouTube video can do wonders for increasing your brand visibility. 

    Possible topics to talk about on social media

    - Your new KK Fabrics

    - Sewing class times

    - 'How to' videos. Eg How to make a Quilt or how to make a standard pillowcase.

    - Markets that your attending

    - In-store sales

    4. Fill up your Google My Business Page

    Open a Google Business Account and add as much detail to it. Details could include

    - Contact Details

    - Images of your Shop

    - Opening Hours

    - Street Address

    The advantages of creating an account

    - Allows you to appear in Maps and Google Local Pack Listings, which increases your visibility and lets people know you exist.

    - Allows your customers to leave excellent reviews about your Brick & Mortar store

    - It's Free and Easy to Use

    - You can add images of the inside and outside of your store to provide a great first impression.

    - You can make posts promoting offers, news, events, product updates, and announcements.  

    5. Be Welcoming

    Your store should be inviting, clean, and well-organized. This can include attractive displays, comfortable seating areas, and good lighting. Consider offering complimentary tea or coffee to make customers fill at home.

    6. Carrying in-demand Fabrics

    Offering a variety of products that are in demand and popular can help attract customers to your store. This can include in-trend fabrics, unique or hard-to-find items, and quality products at competitive prices.


    By implementing these strategies, you can attract customers to your fabric store and build a loyal customer base.


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